RUN FOR THE FUN OF IT! is an inclusive running podcast geared towards runners and non-runners of all levels. Both of your cohosts live in Toronto, Canada and have been recreational/serious runners for over a decade.

Your two co-hosts are:

Conor Hoekstra

Strava: Link

Conor (he/him) started recreationally running back in university (~2010). When he graduated, he played soccer 1-3 times a week and supplemented that with 100-150km a month of running. During the pandemic, he started to increase his mileage up to 400-450km a month and decided to join a run club, BlackToe, in September of 2021. Since then, he has drastically improved all of the race times (5k, 10k and Half Marathon). Professionally, he is a Research Scientist at NVIDIA working on array programming models and languages. He is the host of two other podcasts that are programming language / software focused:

YüBaí Liu

Strava: Link

Yubai (he/him) began competitive running in 2007, as part of Simon Fraser University’s Varsity Track & Field team. He competed for 5 years in the NAIA and NCAA, specializing in the 800m. Post university, he runs casually and participates in various rec sports. He has taken the last few years off from running but come along for the journey as he slowly, and casually, gets back into the sport. Compared to his cohost, he knows nothing about computers but will chime in with pop culture references and trashy TV show recommendations.